In The Mix

Tips and Tricks

Before we get started…

You should really find one of those crisp, white, baker’s hats – and wear it! You will look fabulous and channel your inner baker in no time.

Now that you are prepared…

Here are some of our favorite “fast facts” or simply put, quick tips and tricks!



1. Try to have every ingredient at room temperature that calls for it before you begin combining them. It will be a lot easier to combine room temperature butter, for example, and your batter will not be all bumpy.

2. Heavier, dark-colored pans generally bake faster than lighter-colored pans. Be mindful to watch your treats and adjust your bake time as necessary or as instructed on your packaging. Every pan is different.

3. Sprinkles are not just a garnish! Fold them into your cupcake or cookie batter to create a fun surprise for your guests. The results will be colorful and sweet.

4.  Always trust the sniff and taste test. (If it does not involve raw eggs!) We recommend you taste your work often because if you make one wrong turn (i.e.: 1/2 TBS salt instead of ½ tsp. salt), it’s just plain ruined!

5. If you find a better, easier or more suitable way to prepare your recipe – do it! No one can truly tell you how to bake – you create your own unique style as you gain experience in the kitchen. However, when baking with In the Mix® products, we do strongly suggest you follow our instructions down to the letter! We have worked tirelessly in the kitchen to formulate our baking mixes and products to perfection for you.