In The Mix

Tips and Tricks


  • Smooth Sided Spatula
  • Frosting

When you frost a cake, do you find that there are a bunch of crumbs all over the sides? We have the perfect solution to help you!

Get started by using a smooth spatula to simply frost the cake with a very thin, single layer. This is called a crumb coat and though it is nearly transparent, the purpose is to capture and hold loose crumbs in place.

Next, place cake in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. Patiently wait for the frosting to harden around the cake before you remove it from the refrigerator. Then, repeat the process and frost it again as you normally would. Your end result will be a perfectly frosted cake!

TIP #1:

Don’t forget to protect your unused frosting from drying out in-between layers by placing a damp paper towel over the bowl. Make sure to stir again before reusing!